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EMILY Organic Liquid Soother Soap, 8 FZ

EMILY Organic Liquid Soother Soap, 8 FZ

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Revolutionizes Hand Washing - Change the way you clean your hands with EarthMade's Kina Natural Soap Bar. It contains a powerful ingredient called Quinine Bark that effectively removes dirt but is gentle for all skin types. | Cleans Thoroughly from Head to Toe - It includes Cinchona Bark extracts with deep-cleansing properties that are more potent than common soap cleansers. Feel refreshed and squeaky clean all over with this natural body care must-have. | Moisturizes Your Skin - Our hand made soap bar contains coconut and olive oil that nourishes and locks in moisture to reveal supple and hydrated skin. | Excellent for Daily Use - Our specially formulated hand. face and body soap keeps you clean without drying your skin. Unlike store-bought unscented bath bars with harmful synthetics. it contains natural oils and herbs that are safe for frequent use. | Clean. Wholesome Ingredients - EarthMade ensures that you're investing in good quality skin care and natural bath products. For this reason. all our soaps do not contain preservatives. plastic. and harmful chemicals.

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